It is a therapeutic stress reliever just being in the African bushveld. The combination of the African sun, fresh air, and the sound of bird calls is an instant mood booster. And when you add an African spa therapy session at Madikwe Safari Lodge, you have the perfect recipe for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Madikwe Spa motto is ‘Give us your body for an hour and we will give back to you your inspiration and creativity.’ 

Africology: South Africa’s leading luxury spa product

Madikwe Safari lodge offers luxuriously unique African Spa therapy at its on-site spa with a selection of five bespoke Africology treatments to choose from depending on your physical requirements. Africology is a natural African skin care practice that uses products made from local organic ingredients. Spa therapy offered at Madikwe has been perfected by Africology CEO, metaphysical counsellor, reiki master and aromatherapist Renchia Droganis, each treatment curated to improve circulation and help the body to detoxify itself. 

Other benefits include improved circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, eased muscle tension, improved skin complexion and increased energy levels

Traditional African therapy techniques

African spa therapy is unique in its approach to wellness. It combines traditional African healing practices with modern spa treatments to create an experience that is both luxurious and informative. Therapists use a combination of African massage techniques and pressure point therapy to ease muscle tension and improve circulation.

Africology is built on African principles of Ubuntu (humanity), Wahamba (harmony) and Botho (respect). These are values that are close to Madikwe’s heart and are what makes African Spa Therapy luxurious.

The African concept of Ubuntu is about humanity and how people relate to each other. It is the idea that everyone is interconnected, and that people need each other to survive. This is reflected in African Spa Therapy in the way that the therapist is trained to work with the client to create a treatment that is tailored to their specific needs.


Like being on an African safari while getting pampered

What makes a massage in the African bushveld truly unique is that you become one with nature mentally and physically. The sounds of wildlife, fresh air and panoramic natural beauty scenery create an otherworldly sense of calm and relaxation. Madikwe Safari Lodge is nestled in the Madikwe Game Reserve which is home to a variety of wildlife all within earshot from where you receive your treatment.

The African Spa Therapy experience is completed with a refreshing African tea served in the relaxation area overlooking the African bushveld. Here you can take in the sounds and smells of Africa, while your body and mind relax and rejuvenate.

Experience a unique spa experience that combines African massage techniques with luxurious surroundings at Madikwe Safari Lodge. Book your stay and spa treatment today!