As you venture into the Madikwe Game Reserve, your safari guide may suggest that you keep an eye out for one of the most protected species in the reserve: the African Wild Dog. Although not members of the exclusive Big Five or Secret Seven, these precious canines have been declared an endangered species by the WWF. As a result of its many conservation projects, the Madikwe Game Reserve has managed to sustain and successfully grow its population of African Wild Dog.

This is thanks – in no small part – to the many visitors to the reserve, who contribute to South Africa’s commitment to responsible tourism. Read on to learn more about these fascinating creatures and how you can support the reserve’s conservation efforts.

Game Drive Spottings Of The African Wild Dog

Despite their endangered status, sightings of the African Wild Dog in Madikwe Game Reserve are not entirely rare. There are two main packs within the reserve, both covering a large overlapping range of territory. They are rather sociable, so don’t be surprised to find a few of the more inquisitive of the pack draw near your safari vehicle.

The Wild Dog is regarded as an opportunistic predator with a taste for medium-sized ruminant mammals, such as kudu, impala, and springbok, although large packs are capable of bringing down something as large as a male buffalo. At a sprint, these formidable predators can reach up to 70km per hour and remarkable stamina – a fact that certainly doesn’t bode well for whatever prey they have in their sights.

The greatest threats to the African Wild Dog, include:

  • Poachers.
  • Targeted killing by humans, e.g. farmers protecting their livestock.
  • Viral diseases, e.g. rabies and distemper.
  • Habitat loss.
  • Competition with larger predators, e.g. lions.

Your Visits To Madikwe Can Help Save These Animals

As cute as they may appear, you cannot adopt an African Wild Dog like your typical SPCA rescue. They may look similar to your typical canine companion, but their wild nature makes them better suited to grasslands and savannah than your backyard.

However, you can still do your part to protect this uniquely African species by visiting Madikwe Game Reserve and contributing funds to organisations with a hand in these conservation efforts.

And Since You’re Visiting, Why Not Do It In Style?

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A pack of African Wild Dog search the grasslands of the Madikwe Game Reserve for prey.
African wild dogs walking towards the camera in the Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa.