From the tall, trembling grasslands of the veldt to the resilient life that roams throughout, we can all agree that there’s no place like a South African game reserve.

Given the large contribution of the tourism sector to its national GDP, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the very concept of responsible tourism – or eco-tourism – has its origin in South Africa. In fact, the definition set in the Cape Town Declaration was adopted by the World Travel Market in 2007 for World Responsible Tourism Day.

The long and short of it can be summed up in “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.”. Naturally there is a lot more to this definition. You may be surprised how much your trip to the Madikwe Game Reserve can support these efforts.

Responsible Tourism with Madikwe Safari Lodge

Under the broader definition above, the Madikwe Safari Lodge contributes to the following elements described in the Cape Town Declaration:

  • Minimise negative environmental and social impacts.
  •   Contribute toward the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.
  •  Create environments that are culturally sensitive, engendering respect between tourists and hosts, while also building local pride and confidence.

Minimising Negative Environmental Impact

Like many lodges, game drives, bush walks and other activities within the reserve itself are conducted with nature in mind – in more ways than one. Game drive routes are designed so as to not disrupt animal habitats, and drivers are instructed to maintain certain speeds in order to avoid colliding with animals in the road. Littering is forbidden, of course.

Conservation Of Natural Heritage

Madikwe Safari Lodge is dedicated to protecting endangered wildlife within the reserve – and guests have the thrilling opportunity to play a part in it! Under the supervision of park representatives and animal health specialists, guests can get involved with DNA collection and “notching” sedated rhinos for tracking purposes.

Supporting Local Cultures

Madikwe Safari Lodge supports local communities, not only through providing opportunities for employments, but also by encouraging guests to invest their time in learning more about South Africa’s diverse culture. Guests can take in the culture at nearby venues and purchase precious keepsakes from local vendors.

Do Good While Having Fun At Madikwe Game Reserve

There’s nothing dull about supporting your local tourism industry, especially when you’re investing your free time at Madikwe Safari Lodge. Do your part in protecting the environment and South Africa’s local industries simply by visiting the Madikwe Game Reserve. You will have the chance to enjoy a holiday you and your family will never forget, while also helping to preserve the environment within the reserve as well as the cultures and people surrounding it.

Book a holiday that makes a difference at Madikwe Safari Lodge today!

Three wild African elephants wander through the bush veldt in the Madikwe Game Reserve, which with the help of the Madikwe Safari Lodge leads the charge to protect these and endangered animal species in this nature reserve.
Three wild African elephants wander through the bush veldt in the Madikwe Game Reserve