There is something to be said for lists and the sense of accomplishment you feel when ticking them off.
Although there is so much more to bird watching than crossing off lists. It’s flexible and mentally
stimulating past-time that gets us out and about to connect us with nature, all while learning about these fascinating creatures.

Birds in Paradise

South Africa is known as the land of plenty with it comes to birdlife, and you are practically guaranteed to see a couple of the crowd favourites while visiting. Though we’ll let you in on a secret (but we may be a little biased), Madikwe Game Reserve is the place to be if you’re after some once in a lifetime sightings. Thanks to the vastness of the reserve, it covers many different biomes and houses an abundance of intertwined ecosystems, creating a unique opportunity to see a plethora of birdlife on one trip at one game reserve. Being home to 350 various species, Madikwe Safari Lodge is a bird’s paradise. 180-200 varying species flock here in summer, and another 120-150 are winter residents.

Notable sightings that occur on the dry plains of Madikwe Game Reserve include Yellow-throated Sandgrouse, Kori Bustard, Temminck’s Courser and White Stork. Other unique visitors include Double-banded Courser and Burchell’s Courser, while the Bronze-winged Courser is commonly seen during the summer months in the more wooded areas.

Kori Bustard at Madikwe
Kori Bustard at Madikwe

The more frequent fliers include the aptly named Southern Pied Babbler, who is an ever-present and
commonly seen around the lodge, along with other bushveld species such as Paradise Flycatcher, Acacia
Pied Barbet, Green-winged Pytilia and several Waxbill species. Madikwe Safari Lodge is a haven for raptor
species, with several species of Eagle, Vultures (several endangered) and Goshawks regularly seen.

All in a day’s flight

Being a vital part of the ecosystem and having a huge responsibility to uphold, birdlife populations are
recognized as one of the most critical indicators of an environment’s health. Birds provide necessary
services such as insect and rodent control, plant pollination, and seed dispersal, resulting in tangible
benefits for people, nature and animals alike. Raptors such as Vultures also act as Madikwe Game
s clean up crew once predators are done with a carcass. Consuming all traces of the deceased
animal in a timely fashion, helping prevent deadly diseases such as rabies and tuberculosis from developing and spreading.

Burchells Courser at Madikwe
Burchells Courser at Madikwe

If you’re new to the birding community, an avid avian member or more of a fair-weather birder, you’re
welcome here. The reasons people get into birding are numerous, from light and gentle exercise to like-minded social gatherings to working your mental muscles and keeping your mind sharp.

Whether you’re a backyard birder or a seasoned Swallow follower, our guides are ready and equipped to
help get you the sightings you need to tick off your South African Birding Bucket List. Get that feather in
your cap and book your stay at Madikwe Safari Lodge today!

yellow throated sand grouse at Madikwe