"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order".
—John Burroughs

Conservation Experience

Madikwe Safari Lodge

Madikwe Safari

Conservation Experience

“An unforgettable once in a lifetime African safari experience that I will never forget!” – Trip Adviser Review

Our conservation safari offers an extraordinary experience for true nature lovers, who get to witness and participate in genuine conservation efforts taking place within Madikwe Game Reserve.

A Game ranger looking after a rhino at Madikwe Safari Lodge

Experiences are dependent on actual conservation requirements and could include:

  • Notching & microchipping rhino to assist in their safety from poachers
  • Collaring elephant, lion, cheetah or wild dog to collect information and track endangered species for the North West Parks Board.

Each, adrenaline filled, and educational experience at Madikwe Safari Lodge is led by a team of specialists which includes:

  • A wildlife veterinarian with specific training in tranquilising or sedating wild animals, a wealth of knowledge of their habitat, monitoring stress levels and other factors that may affect the outcome of darting procedures.
  • A helicopter pilot with skills in low-level flying, keeping the chopper ready to allow the veterinarian a clear and precise shot at his target to reduce stress on the animals.
  • Field rangers who help the pilot and vet in the capture and release, ensuring the work is completed quickly and efficiently, as well as assisting to record essential information about each animal.

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