It takes a village…

Be it family or lifelong friends, there are some people you can’t imagine life without. After all the adventures you’ve been through together, why not bring those special people together for an equally special holiday at the Madikwe Game Reserve? And what could be better than a luxury accommodation that gives you a room with a view?

Kopano Lodge was made with group visits in mind. Find out what makes this luxury safari lodge the preferred destination to make new memories with old friends.

Experiencing The Madikwe Game Reserve With Your Mates

Don’t come to a Madikwe Safari Lodge expecting the same old story. Kopano takes full advantage of its location to allow its guests to spend as much time in nature and with other guests as possible.

Game drives into the Madikwe Game Reserve are travelled in an open-top safari vehicle, kitted out with drinks and snacks. Both game drives and bush walks are led by a FGASA-accredited field guide, who can track down the biggest (and smallest) stars of the Savannah native. While you’re experiencing up-close and personal encounters with the local wildlife, your guide can give you the rundown on the different species, who hunts who, and other facts about life in the reserve.

Just because the game drives and bush walks both take place at dawn and dusk, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end once the sun goes down. Thanks to the secluded nature of this lodge, there is little chance of big city lights drowning out the night sky. You and the other guests can enjoy navigating this starlit tapestry in all its majesty with a knowledgeable guide.

You And Me, Friends And Family

Kopano is the Setswana word for “a small gathering” – and this lodge is certainly worthy of its name.

This cluster of four luxury suites makes for a comfortable fit for about eight guests with plenty of room to spare.

When you’re not venturing into the game reserve for a Bush Dinner, you can still come together on the Boma Terrace for a fireside meal under the stars or the indoor dining room with its own fireplace.

With Madikwe Safari Lodge’s prime location, you don’t have to pile into a safari vehicle to feel one with nature. The lodge’s communal pool is situated near a popular watering hole, so make sure you bring along your binoculars as well as your beach towel. While you and your friends are soaking in the water, you can witness the many colourful residents of the reserve interact in each other just a stone’s throw away.

You have the option of spending your days with the other guests or enjoying your own company with a drink and a snack on your suite’s private deck overlooking the Madikwe Reserve. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to various in-room spa and beauty treatments. Who says that a holiday at a game reserve means you have to rough it?

Find Your Tribe

What are you waiting for? Get your gang together and make some unforgettable memories at the Madikwe Safari Lodge. From luxury accommodation to adventures in the lush natural landscape, share the best of both worlds with the people that matter most.