Going on a safari game drive is a daring and exhilarating experience. You get up close and personal with the most beautiful and majestic animals in the African bush. At Madikwe Game Reserve you will have the opportunity to see the Big Five: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros and buffalo. You may encounter zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, hyenas and cheetah among many more that make for an unforgettable viewing experiences.
It is important to remember that these are wild animals and it is necessary to follow precautions to ensure your safety without sacrificing on the invigoration. Your Madikwe safari guide will inform you of safety measures before your game drive commences.

Tips to have an amazing, safe African safari

  • Always listen to your professional safari guide and follow his or her instructions. They know the area and the animals well. They will know when it is safe to approach an animal or not and will keep you out of harm’s way.
  • Respect a wild animals’ space. Getting too close to can be dangerous. If it feels threatened, it could attack. Even if an animal looks harmless, they are wild and you do not want to startle them or provoke them in any way.
  • Always stay in the safari vehicle. Getting out puts you and others in danger. If you are on a walking safari, do not stray from your group. 
  • Do not approach baby animals. The mother will usually be close by and likely view you as a threat.
  • Remain calm and quiet while on safari. Loud, sudden noises may trigger an aggressive response or scare them off.
  • Be patient. Animals will come to you when they are ready and do not feel threatened.
  • Do not feed wild animals in the reserve. It is important that they maintain their natural diets. Feeding them human food can be harmful to their health. They will also expect humans to provide food in the future and may become aggressive.
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What to do if you encounter a wild animal at Madikwe

If you see an animal that looks like it is getting ready to attack, remain calm and follow your safari guide’s instructions. If you are on a walking safari, do not run away as this may trigger the animal’s predatory instincts. Madikwe’s guides are trained professionals, and their primary role is to keep you safe at all times.

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Going on a safari game drive is a luxurious way to experience some of the most amazing animals up close. By following these simple guidelines, you can be sure that your safari is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.
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