True to its name, Madikwe means “Africa in its majesty”, and many things make Madikwe Game Reserve extraordinary. One of the most pleasing is how personal and tailored the experience can be, contributing to the luxury.

The reserve sits in the sublimely gorgeous and malaria-free North West Province, on 76 000 hectares of African bushveld right on the edge of the Botswanan border, one of the most extensive and prime private game reserves in South Africa. This immense space allows for numerous biomes, ranging from Kalahari plains in the western sections of the park transitioning into familiar savannah and acacia thickets, while the hillsides and riverine areas provide more wooded regions. Madikwe is one of the rare places in Africa where you can see Aardwolf, Brown Hyena and Spotted Hyena together in one reserve, adding to the distinctive experience of this abundant safari lodge.

Madikwe Luxury Safari Lodge is entirely customisable, catering to all dietary requirements from vegan to keto and everything in between. Prepared fresh from scratch, made to order, all of your favourites on-demand, plus some of our chef’s specialities guaranteeing that you will eat to your heart’s content. Additionally, you have the peace of mind that Madikwe Game Reserve works on a farm to table principle. We source all ingredients locally, supporting communities and small scale farmers, keeping carbon emissions low and ensuring that all the meals that end up on your plate are 100% organic.

While superb food may be the cornerstone of any memorable holiday, we go above and beyond at every corner to make our guest’s stay unique and unforgettable. Madikwe Safari Lodge offers an exclusive, luxurious African safari experience. Our main goal is for our guests to truly feel South Africa’s natural wilderness’s enveloping embrace and reminisce on the lodge’s thoughtful comforts.  

A private outside table set up at Madikwe
A private outside table set up at Madikwe

Whether you’d like to kick back and bask in the glory of your natural surroundings from the comfort of your luxury suite, or you’d rather dine deep in the bush to the sound of lions roaring in the background. You can rest assured that no expense is spared, and no detail is overlooked in making sure you are as at home as you could be. Everything is up to you, from how you’d like your eggs to the exact second at which you’d like to leave for your game drive.

The icing on the cake to making you feel like African royalty is the knowledge that you’ll have Madikwe’s expansive open immaculate savannahs almost entirely to yourself, as a person and a professional guide leads intimate groups of safaris during your stay. The only surprise or uncoordinated part of your trip is up to the animals you’ll see – although we’ll do our best to make sure you see everything you came for, Madikwe Safari Lodge is a free-range reserve.

Whether you’re coming to Madikwe Luxury Game Reserve chasing the Big 5, trying to uncover the Seven’s Secrets or out to tick off Africa’s birds, we are at your beck and call to ensure you get the holiday you deserve, all with a touch of African luxury. So, what are you waiting for? Book your ultimate and unique stay today!