"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order".
—John Burroughs


Embrace the Spirit of the African Safari

The Madikwe Game Reserve is a national treasure, full of rare and fascinating wildlife – including the famous Big Five! But the adventure doesn’t end when you step out of the safari vehicles. The Madikwe Safari Lodge offers a wide range of adventures to make your stay one you will be unlikely to forget. This is Madikwe like you’ve never experienced it before!

The uniqueness of Madikwe lies in its diversity – not only the complexity of biomes but the range of fauna and flora that is a result of the changing landscapes – all of which can be covered in a three-hour safari.

The Kalahari plains in the western sections of park transition into more recognizable lowveld savannah and acacia thickets, while the hillsides and riverine sections provide more wooded areas, providing the perfect environment for an extraordinary array of wildlife.

There is no better way of demonstrating your love and appreciation, than marking those milestones than the inspiring, intimate and adventure filled setting that is Madikwe Safari Lodge

Nature has created the perfect picturesque surroundings for you and your loved ones to celebrate the occasion. Whether it be a birthday, engagement, wedding, honeymoon or anniversary, we provide the ultimate setting, spiced up
with excellent food, service and a sprinkle of spoils. 

Madikwe Safari Lodge is one of South Africa’s very best family-friendly safari destinations. Being a family-owned lodge, we strongly believe in quality family time, creating unforgettable memories in nature that get passed from generation to generation. 

Our experienced child-minders also allow parents to enjoy some relaxing time to themselves, while children are treated to an array of activities, both fun and educational. 

Experiencing the cuisine at Madikwe Safari Lodge is worth the experience on its own! Yet the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere are a perfect accompaniment which only make the pleasure of dining even more fulfilling.

Our chefs introduce local flavours and techniques into international dishes to create a world class dining experience complimented by a selection of South Africa’s finest wines and other beverages, dining at Madikwe Safari Lodge becomes an adventure all on its own.

Madikwe Game Reserve is deeply involved in wildlife conservation, particularly that of the critically endangered rhino species. Therefore, guests of Madikwe Safari Lodge have the unique opportunity to experience rhino conservation in action. Under the careful eyes of park representatives and animal care specialists, guests can actively participate in the process of gathering DNA samples from a sedated rhino as well as “notching” the animal, ensuring it can be tracked throughout the reserve.

Pamper yourself and & indulge in a relaxing and revitalising spa therapy with Madikwe Safari Lodge’s qualified therapists, while enjoying the beautiful surrounds of the Madikwe Game Reserve. The gorgeous an intimate atmosphere of the South African bushveld already promotes the ultimate relaxation for the body and mind, while our spa therapies amplify this spiritual, physical & mental healing. All products used in our spa treatments are 100% organic.


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