The Madikwe

Safari Lodge Story


Madikwe Safari Lodge is a family-run lodge situated in the North East section of the Madikwe Game Reserve. A plethora of wild animals roam freely across the 75 000 ha wilderness, often frequenting the waterholes and plains surrounding the lodge which rests on the hills bordering Botswana.

You can expect to see huge herds of elephant, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, wildebeest and many antelope species from the lodge deck, as well as the occasional sighting of lion, leopard or wild dog. We also have an adorable klipspringer family which has found a home in the lodge, much to the delight of the staff and guests.

Our Mission

Madikwe Safari Lodge is a family run lodge, with our family having a genuine affection for the Madikwe Game Reserve, having been involved in the creation of the reserve from the time it was proclaimed back in 1991. We have so many cherished memories of this hidden gem in Africa that we have passed from one generation to the next. There is so much here to delight the senses. The lodge and its staff do everything we can to cater and customize each guest’s experience, ensuring that you have your ideal safari getaway. Whether it’s relaxation in isolation, quality-time with the family or a loved one, or adrenalin packed activities you seek, our goal is to provide you with magical memories that will last you a lifetime. It is those special individual considerations that truly set us apart!

Our Values

  • Personalization of experience
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Philanthropy to the local community

A brief History of the Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve was established with the intention of restoring the land and eco-system, after it had been over-grazed and left desolate by cattle farmers. The project, which was and still is a collaboration between the state and private business, was to restore and maintain the indigenous fauna and flora within a protected 75 000 ha region of South Africa’s malaria-free North West province, creating employment opportunities through eco-tourism and conservation for the surrounding communities.

Operation Phoenix, the translocation programme created to re-stock the Madikwe Game Reserve with indigenous wildlife, is the largest movement of wildlife ever undertaken by man. More than 8000 animals, including Africa’s infamous Big Five, along with cheetah, wild dog and hyena were reintroduced to the area. Today, the magical Madikwe, like the mythical phoenix, has arisen from the ashes into an African wildlife paradise!

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