When the hustle and bustle of big city life, the stress of ever creeping deadlines, and an overflowing social calendar is getting all a little too overwhelming. A couple of days of RnR at Madikwe Game Reserve are precisely what the doctor ordered.

Breathe the fresh, crisp and wild air a little deeper as you settle into the soothing sounds of nature surrounding you. The rustle of the wind through the tall grass across the golden plains, home to the fastest animal earth. The abundance of spectacular, dazzling and diverse birdlife darting about collecting supplies to build their nests and chitter-chattering away while gathering food for their babies. Couple this, nature’s sound bath, with the pure comfort that Madikwe Luxury Safari Lodge offers. It’s hard not to be acutely aware of the oasis of life wrapping around you. The tranquillity you will find yourself in will leave you feeling nothing other than content weightlessness. Exhale every single one of your stresses.

The blissful stillness of the early mornings will leave you in awe and not at all missing your usual holiday sleep in, as you witness one of the most unforgettable of nature’s gifts – an African sunrise. There is a reason people write songs and sonnets about this continent, and we can assure you, you’ll experience this mesmerising sight right here at Madikwe Safari Lodge. All while indulgently sipping an Amarula coffee and parked off in the bush with giraffes grazing the treetops merely meters away.

Through the day, you’ll experience the charm of a truly unique African safari, led by the exceptionally knowledgable guides of Madikwe Game Reserve, who are deeply passionate (infectiously so) about their work, the African Bush and the conservation thereof. Armed with thought-provoking insights into the workings of the natural world, you’ll be left in love with and dazzled by the intricacies of the symbiosis between all the living things that make up the wildly complex ecosystem.

The African leopard gazing into the distance at Madikwe GameReserve
The African leopard gazing into the distance at Madikwe Game Reserve

After a day being up close and personal with wild animals that one doesn’t often have the privilege of experiencing, expect to wind down into the night in a genuinely novel African way. Settling into the evening, a glass of wine or whiskey in hand, sitting around an open flame as it crackles and dances with the evening air. You’ll watch sublime colours drape the sky and then fade away into a midnight blue, making way for a tapestry of starlight which will keep you nothing short of spellbound.

As your head hits the pillow, every muscle in your body relaxes, and you drift away to dreamland with the sound of lions roaring outside. The question of what matters in life seems answered, and everything is at ease. To sum it up, Madikwe Safari Lodge offers a sublime opportunity to be immersed in the serenity of the African bush.

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