The term “Big Five” originally referred to the danger and difficulty when it came to hunting the Lion, Leopard, Rhino (originally only black rhino), Elephant, and African Buffalo. These five large African mammal species were known to be dangerous, and it was considered an accomplishment by trophy hunters to bring them home. These days these animals are rigorously protected, particularly in Madikwe Game Reserve.
Of these remarkable animals, perhaps the most sought after when it comes to getting the heart pumping is the lion. Majestic and regal, one can never tired of seeing these magnificent predators in their natural habitat on the African savannahs.

Lions like lying around

Known for their brute power and explosive bursts of energy, one is far more likely to come across these creatures doing absolutely nothing. Lions sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day, conserving energy for when they need it. They are usually at their most active during the cooler hours of the day at sunrise or sunset, either on territorial forays or actively hunting.

Socialites – but only toward friends and family

Lions are the most social of the big cats with prides existing of females, sub-adult males and cubs the dominant prides male or a coalition of males (usually brothers but not always). Males are often involved in ferocious territorial battles when coalitions can provide a decided advantage.
During a pride take-over, males will often sadly kill younger cubs which bring females back into oestrus quicker, speeding up the opportunity for their own genetic line of reproduction. While this seems cruel, it does ensure natures law of survival of the fitness.

A female lioness and cub at Madikwe Game Reserve
A female lioness and cub at Madikwe Game Reserve

What kind of prey do lions go after?

The lions of Madikwe generally go after medium-sized prey like zebra, wildebeest, kudu, or other larger antelope species. Buffalo is also on the menu, particularly for larger prides or when big males are active in the hunt. Although these would be their preferred choice of prey, being opportunistic hunters, they will go for anything should the opportunity present itself.

The lions of Madikwe Game Reserve?

Madikwe Game Reserve is known for its impressive male lions, with legends like Monomoholo, the Kwandwe male, the Naledi males, and currently the Mahiwe males all being extremely large in size and personality. Being well habituated to the game vehicles Madikwe Safari Lodge offers some of the best lion sightings in the African bush, where guests get the opportunity to get so close to these animals that you can feel the vibration of their territorial roars reverberate through your chest, sending a tingling feeling of respect and awe down your spine.

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