The Madikwe Safari Lodge Boma Experience

Imagine an experience where you can immerse yourself in traditional African culture, enjoy rich aromas of locally sourced food being cooked over open flame, all in stunning natural surroundings under the Milky way lit African sky.

An intimate dining experience under the South African sky

The word boma means ‘enclosure’ in Swahili. Traditionally this is a fence made of thorn bushes, used to protect livestock from predators at night. In South Africa, the word has come to mean any outdoor enclosure or space where people gather for social events and celebrations.

It is common for a bonfire to be made in the centre of the boma, and meat is often cooked over the open flames or in large traditional cast iron pots known as “potjies”. If you are planning a bush holiday in South Africa, make sure to include a boma dinner on your itinerary.

World-class cuisine at Madikwe

The boma at Madikwe Safari Lodge is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner under the stars. Guests are treated to taste-tantalising cuisine, prepared by world-class chefs and served by attentive staff — one of the offerings Madikwe prides itself in perfecting.

A variety of dining options are offered to suit all tastes, including a traditional South African braai (barbecue) paired with the best locally produced wines. Whether you are an adventurous eater that would like to taste some of the natural venison or prefer more familiar comforts to dine on, every dish is of impeccable quality. It’s recommended to explore some of the traditional cuisine which rank high in culinary reviews.

Conversations around the fire

After dinner, you can sit around the fire and enjoy the sounds of the African night. This is an opportunity to absorb some bushveld knowledge from your guide who will chaperone you during this experience.

The sound of the fire crackling and the smell of the wild wood burning, surrounding bushveld and fresh air will have you connecting with the wilderness in the most relaxing way. The stars shining overhead are sure to create the perfect ambiance for special conversations or shared silences.

Personalise your dining style

Whether you want a private, romantic dinner for two, a family feast or a social dinner party, the lodge will ensure that your every need is catered for. Guests are also occasionally treated to surprise stops during safari game drives during which sundowners, delicious fresh fruits and nibbles are served.

Experience your perfect African safari

Madikwe Safari Lodge is an ultraluxury lodge is situated in the heart of the bushveld, offering unspoilt views of the African landscape. The lodge offers top tier safari accommodation in the Madikwe Game Reserve and is committed to offering guests a unique and memorable experience.

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