Game reserves like Madikwe are on the front line of defense against rhino poaching, a real threat to the South African wildlife population.

Like many lodges, Madikwe exists to provide a marvelous tourism experience with nature in mind. There are several ways in which enjoying a safari holiday contribute to wildlife protection. By enjoying a luxury getaway at Madikwe Safari Lodge you are partaking in positive change. The lodge is situated in the heart of the 75,000-hectare Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. It is a safe home to many rhino and other endangered wildlife species.

Why do rhinos get poached in South Africa

The biggest threat to rhino populations is illegal hunting for their horns. Rhino horns are believed to have special medicinal properties and are used in traditional Chinese medicines to treat a wide range of ailments. In fact, their horns are just made of keratin, the same protein that makes up human hair and nails. Rhino horns are also used as dagger handles and are a symbol of wealth in some cultures. The high demand for rhinos’ horns leads to poaching, which has devastating effects on the

Rhino populations have declined by over 90% in the last 40 years. In South Africa, where the majority of the world’s rhinos live, demand for rhino horn is particularly high. Rhino populations are still in danger of extinction.

Rhino Conservation Experience

Madikwe rhinos have horns 

Modern rhino conservation endeavors include the removal of the horn to deter poachers. At Madikwe Game Reserve rhino horns are not removed, giving safari goers the opportunity to enjoy rhino sightings in their iconic majesty. Instead the reserve employs anti-poaching patrols who work around the clock to protect the animals in the reserve. These conservationists are armed and trained to track and apprehend poachers. They also collect data on wildlife movements, which helps to inform conservation decisions.

A rhino conservation safari at Madikwe

Madikwe rhinos are microchipped and “notched” to keep track of their whereabouts. Guests have the exclusive opportunity to be a part of this conservation practice under the supervision of a professional guide, wildlife veterinarian, and capture team.

Fall in love and spread the word

The inception of Madikwe Safari Lodge is rooted in passion and pride for South African nature and wildlife. The lodge provides guests with a luxury safari experience that’ll make it impossible not to fall in love with it too. Help to create a ripple effect by having meaningful conversations about the topic of conservation. Create awareness and encourage responsible tourism going forward.
By loving nature, you are playing an active role in the fight against Rhino poaching. Book your stay while contributing to change!