"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order".
—John Burroughs

Madikwe Safari Experiences

Madikwe Safari Lodge

Madikwe Safari

76 000ha of unique African wilderness to explore

The uniqueness of Madikwe lies in its diversity – not only the complexity of biomes but the range of fauna and flora that is a result of the changing landscapes – all of which can be covered in a three-hour safari.

The Kalahari plains in the western sections of park transition into more recognizable lowveld savannah and acacia thickets, while the hillsides and riverine sections provide more wooded areas, providing the perfect environment for an extraordinary array of wildlife.

This is one of the only places in Africa where you can see Aardwolf, Brown Hyena and Spotted Hyena together in one reserve.

Aside from the excellent opportunity of seeing Africa’s Big-5, the Madikwe Game Reserve is also home to healthy Cheetah and Wild Dog populations, as well as Africa’s Secret-7: Aardvark, African Wild Cat, Civet, Large Spotted Genet, Pangolin, Porcupine and Serval. 

You’ll have Madikwe’s wide open pristine savannahs pretty much to yourself, as small groups of safaris are led by a personal professional guide during your stay.

Each sighting has a maximum of three vehicle capacity, while Madikwe also makes allowances for off-roading & tracking through the bush to ensure you get the best possible view of any major sighting.

Morning Safari

As the golden light of sunrise glimpses over the eastern hills of Madikwe Game Reserve, our guests, feeling fresh after morning coffee, head out with their guide hearing melodious birds chirping with the excitement of morning, ready to explore the landscape for sightings.

The fresh chilled air adds to the suspense of what animals will likely be active in the coolness of the morning.

Our expert trackers are likely to get you close enough to big game that you’ll smell the musk or feel the vibration of a roar in your own chest.

No morning outing is complete without a stop for coffee & Amarula as well as traditional South African rusks and muffins.

Evening Safari

As the sun starts to drop and the shadows lengthen over the Madikwe plains, so the magic that slowly awakens the nocturnal creatures takes hold. Spectacular African sunsets are almost a spiritual experience with shades of blue, violet, pink, orange and red scattered across the horizon. The ideal opportunity to take relax with a sundowner and absorb the sights and sounds.  

Slowly the first stars start to appear and predators like lion, leopard and both spotted and brown hyena, use the moonlight to search for potential prey. Porcupines, bushbabies, honey badgers and other interesting animals awaken from their daytime retreats to being foraging. Gleaming green and yellow eyes give clues as to the animals’ whereabouts, as do alarm calls from monkeys or francolins disturbed as take higher positions for safety during the night.

Bush Walk

There is a lot to love about vehicle-based safaris – you can cover more ground and potentially see more game, however, being on foot in the African bushveld is an adrenaline pumping experience that affords guests the opportunity to take in the finer details often missed on a game-viewer.

It is an experience that truly awakens the senses being fully immersed in nature, being able to smell, hear and physically touch the surroundings. You are literally walking in the animals’ footsteps!

Seeing any of the bigger mammals on a vehicle is a very different experience from seeing them on foot, which can only be described as exhilarating. You will form a deep connection with nature and an appreciation for the natural miracles that occur every day.


Madikwe Game Reserves diversity of flora and condensed biomes, as well as unique location attracts over 350-species of bird to the region. An absolute birders paradise!

A weekend visit in summer is likely to render 180 to 200 species, while a winter visit could yield around 120 to 150 species during your stay. Specials that occur in the dry plains on the reserve include Yellow-throated Sandgrouse, Kori Bustard, Temminck’s Courser and White Stork. Double-banded Courser and Burchell’s Courser have also been recorded, while the Bronze-winged Courser is commonly seen during the summer months in the more wooded areas.

The aptly named Southern Pied Babbler is an ever present and commonly seen around the lodge, along with other bushveld species such as Paradise Flycatcher, Acacia Pied Barbet, Green-winged Pytilia and several Waxbill species. Madikwe is an haven for raptor species, with several species of Eagle, Goshawks, Vultures (several endangered) and Goshawks regularly seen.


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